Adult Tinkerbell Costumes Are a Great Idea For Parties

Adult Tinkerbell costumes are definitely a good choice for teenage girls or even adult women. Apart from the fact that she’s a fairy (and all girls relate fairies to Tinkerbell simply because she’s the most popular ones), she also looks good in her lovely short green skirt. If you want to know why Tinkerbell costumes are a great idea, then this article will focus on answering that simple question.Why She’s PopularTinkerbell is certainly a popular character amongst girls of all ages. Why, you ask? Because: she represents the typically strong-willed, extremely temperamental and yet lovable female character; that’s why. At times she could be mean-tempered and at other times she could be compassionate and generous. It’s no wonder why women love to dress up in tinkerbell costumes for adults (or as fairies that look like her, at least) because they can relate to her. Women are more in touch with their emotions and no other fairytale character has her kind of spirit and unpredictable temperament. She’s enigmatic, to say the least, and that’s why she’s popular among girls.Adult Tinkerbell Costumes For Cosplay PartiesIn almost any theme of cosplay party, Tinkerbell costumes are a good choice to make since it can blend into the theme quite easily. As long as the cosplay theme is based on fantasies or cartoon characters, an adult Tinkerbell costume can definitely fit in. Now everybody knows that video games are the usual themes of most cosplay parties, and not many fairies are prevalent characters in them. However, if you just ditch the wand, get rid of the wings, and dye your hair to any color you prefer, you could still pass for a lovely female video game protagonist (or antagonist). There are many game characters that look like Tinkerbell. An example is Rydia from the hit SNES/Playstation game, Final Fantasy 4. As long as you put on a green cloak, stockings, and arm-warmers (fingerless gloves), you would definitely look like her while still wearing Tinkerbell’s basic short dress.Adult Tinkerbell Costumes For Halloween PartiesTinkerbell costumes for adults are still good for Halloween parties since there are actually no rules when going to one. Think of those people who wear Star Wars costumes during Halloween night. They’re as valid costumes as your Tinkerbell costume is. However, if it so happens that you’re going to a costume party with strict rules on the theme, then just wear fake vampire fangs and put red lipstick down your chin while wearing a Tinkerbell costume. Tell people that you’re a vampire elf/fairy or something. At least that way you’ll be branded as original.Adult Tinkerbell Costume For Christmas PartiesIf you’re going to a Christmas party, you can still be in the mood since you can just wear a Tinkerbell costume (without the wings and the wand) and tell people that you’re an elf. You could also wear a green Santa Hat while wearing Tinkerbell’s basic short dress and say you’re Santa’s wife with a green Santa skirt.Basic Tinkerbell costumes for adults are still good for Halloween parties since there are actually no rules and a Tinkerbell costume is definitely flexible when it comes to various costumed party themes. There are a lot more concepts out there that let you wear your Tinkerbell dress but these happen to be the most common ideas, as long as you know how to be creative with it.