Cure Adult Acne – Causes of Adult Acne

Adult acne is caused by many factors. Some of these factors include the environment, food, flare ups of acne cured in the 20 or simply an emergency of a new case of acne in individuals who have never suffered from acne problems before. The following are the common known causes of adult acne.Adult Acne And PregnancyPregnant women are more likely to develop acne outbreaks. It is very common for acne to be present in a pregnant woman. The main cause for acne outbreaks in pregnant women is their hormonal changes during pregnancy. Acne can be worse during the first three months of pregnancy when hormones are much more fluctuating all over. There is a possibility too that acne could last during all the pregnancy period.Adult Acne And MenstruationUsually a woman’s acne outbreaks would show more during her menstrual cycle. Pimples would develop in a few days before the onset of a woman’s period. During this time, a woman’s estrogen levels decreases while on the other hand, her progesterone levels starts to rise. Because of this, the sebaceous glands produce more oil which results to clogging of pores or pimples-acne.Adult Acne And MenopauseDid you know that adult acne can appear in post-menopausal women too? Some people think that menopause is the beginning of an end to adult acne but this isn’t the case. This is not common but there are cases where individuals on their 40s and 50s experience acne which is usually mild but would still cause public embarrassment.Adult Acne And MedicationsResearch shows that some medications can cause acne. Some of these medications include steroids, medications that contain lithium and iodine, isoniazid and rifampin. It’s also known that some anti-epileptic medications can cause acne too. If you start taking any of these medications and you realize that your skin is having acne outbreaks, then you may need to inform your doctor.Stress And Coffee ConsumptionStress has been known to cause acne. Stress can lead to production of cortisol, a steroidal hormone that promotes acne. Coffee consumption too can cause acne by promoting the production of cortisol, just like stress.Other things that can cause acne are smoking and hormone supplements.How To Cure Adult AcneMost of the causes of acne leads to overproduction of hormones in the body. This is why more adult acne cures focus on lowering the levels of hormones. Professional dermatologists can help cure adult acne with drugs. Most adults use adult acne creams to cure their acne. How to cure adult acne using creams or body washes is on of the best and simplest way to go. Few acne cure systems are effective with promising results. Some products for acne treatment can make the problem worse, So be careful on what you put on your skin.I recommend ClearPores skin cleansing system for your adult acne. ClearPores uses body washes that contain salicylic acid and alcohol to open your pores and wash all the grime and bacteria from your skin.This body washes are accompanied by herbal pills to fight bacteria and an adult acne cream that protects against future acne attacks.Adult acne should not be allowed to become a social drawback. If you suffer from adult acne, I recommend that you see your doctor or use adult acne creams and cleansers to treat it. Your skin is the largest organ of your body so is important that you take care of it. Whatever the choice you make to treat your adult acne, you have my best wishes.